Smartest Pot Smokers in History

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One of the oldest stereotypes about marijuana is that it makes you slow and stupid. But the evidence on this issue actually reflects the very opposite. Some of the smartest pot smokers in the world also just happen to be the most successful. These intellectual potheads can be found in the fields of business, art, politics, writing, and music. Their success and domination in these fields stand as an example of the positive effects cannabis can have on the mind. On the other hand there is very little evidence to back up the negative stereotype.

It may not be a coincidence that some the smartest pot smokers are also some of the richest and most powerful. Currently the most powerful person in the United States is an admitted pothead. President Barack Obama has often candidly admitted to using marijuana in his youth. When posed the question in a 2007 interview he stated, “When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. I thought that was the point.” If there is any question to the future potential of a pothead, we know the current bar is set at president of the most powerful country in the world. But President Obama is just the most recent irie president. The first was our country’s founder George Washington. There’s no way to know how often he rolled up a fatty and got baked with Martha, but we do know he was a cannabis farmer. Marijuana played a significant role in both of these historical presidents lives.

Smart weed smokers have also seen great success in the field of business. One of the world’s wealthiest potheads is Sir Richard Branson. This self made billionaire started the Virgin Empire that is involved in everything from transportation, to entertainment, to communication. Branson has admitted to using marijuana on a regular basis, including smoking with his adult children. He has petitioned for the legalization of marijuana in his home country and has stated on numerous occasions that he would sell the drug if it was legal. Regular sustained use of the marijuana plant has clearly had no effect on the intellectual potential of this smart businessman.

Another famous pothead billionaire is the eccentric Ted Turner. This media mogul has said that he regularly smokes pot and used to grow the plant in his college dorm room. He single handily invented the 24 hour news cycle with CNN, something you would have to be high to come up with. This marijuana smoker owns the most private land in the United States and there’s got to be more than a few hidden weed farms on this wilderness land. He helped to found the Kentucky Hemp Museum with fellow famed stoner Woody Harrelson. Cannabis use has had no effect on Ted Tuner’s intellect or his ability to accomplish lofty goals.

Some of the smartest pot smokers can be found in the fields of politics, business, and art. Their success and influence prove that marijuana use has no negative effect on a person’s intellect. If anything the evidence suggests that cannabis use can have a positive effect on human intelligence.

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