Marijuana Pipes – Everything you Need to Know

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marijuana pipe

Marijuana pipes come in an endless variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Smoking from a pipe is one of the quickest and most direct forms of smoking marijuana. Which type of pipe you choose to smoke basically just comes down to personal preference. Popular types of pipes include bubblers, steam rollers, water pipes, straight shooters, and many more. The best pipes tend to be made out of glass. It provides the cleanest high and the freshest tasting weed hits. Pipes can also be made out of ceramic, metal, wood, and corn cob. Pipe making has become an art form and there is truly something for every style and taste.

If you’re going to buy a new pipe you’ll want to first consider a glass piece. Although they are more fragile and expensive, glass provides the purest pipe hits. Glass blowing has reached impressive heights when it comes to the art of pipe making. You can find beautifully designed pieces in all of the popular pipe styles, including one hitters, bubblers, steam rollers, and more. These pipes come in every color of the rainbow and are filled with beautifully complex glass blown designs. Each pipe is a canvas for the glass artists and you get the honor of smoking weed off of it.


One of the most popular cannabis pipes by far is the bubbler. This is a relatively large glass pipe with a round chamber beneath the bowl for water. These pipes work like a bong and provide you with a large water purified hit. The Bubbler is one of the most pleasant ways to smoke weed ever invented. Each hit provides a smooth, water cooled hit that is large enough for the highest tolerance levels. The only downside with a bubbler is that they are easier to tip over and spill than a bong. Another great glass pipe is a steam roller. This weed pipe is basically just a glass tube with a bowl on the top. It works by placing one end of the tube on your mouth and covering the other end with your hand. As you take the hit you release the hand on the back of the pipe and it shotguns the smoke into your lungs. A steamroller is like a high speed bong hit without the water. It can be harsh sometimes but it is great for people who don’t like the way a bong affects the taste of weed.


Another popular pipe among stoners is a sneak-a-toke. This is a small cylindrical pipe made of glass or ceramic that provides one or two hits per bowl. It often comes with a carrying device known as a dugout. The dugout is a small square container with a concealed spot for weed and the pipe. When you’re ready to smoke you snap open the dugout to release the pipe. Then you just poke the pipe into the weed chamber to load the bowl. The sneak-a-toke is often painted to look like a cigarette so you’ll attract less attention when smoking in public. This weed pipe is a great choice for those who smoke in public and need to load and smoke a bowl discretely. There is a lot of different choices when it comes to choosing a pipe, and it should come down to your personal needs and preferences.

Drug Testing FAQ

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drug testing

Here are the top FAQ’s we recieve. We are always looking to add more, so please feel free to comment. Your inquiries will help others!

I smoke pot, how long will it stay in my system?

The effects of smoking marijuana fade quickly, but can be detected in the body for weeks and sometimes longer. How long it remains in the system depends on how often or how much marijuana the user has been smoking.The typical time frame is about 4 weeks.

Do drinks that claim to help you pass your drug test work?

They simply dilute your sample, but they do not get the metabolites out of your system. This is what urine tests are looking for.

I’m going to use the Powdered Urine and baggie. What temperature should it be when I give my sample?

The bag should be carried next to your body so that the specimen falls within the temperature of 90-100 degrees.

Which is better Powdered Urine or Nuklear?

Nuklear works on the basic (EMIT) urine test. Powdered urine has worked on all tests for over 25 years. It does require some slight of hand though, particularly if you will be closely monitored.

How long is the shelf life of Nuklear and/or Powdered Urine?

Both Nuklear and Powdered Urine have a shelf life of 2 years if kept sealed in normal, climate-controlled temperatures.

Does male urine differ from female urine?

Not significantly. Plus tests do not look for this.

When is the best time of the day to give my urine sample?

Never give your first urine sample in the morning. It is highly concentrated. You should drink a good volume of liquids before you take the test so your sample is somewhat diluted.

I have drank so many liquids that my urine is clear now, what should I do?

Some testing personnel will find this suspicious. We recommend taking a B-vitamin; this will give your urine a rich natural color.

What if I exercise really hard? Will that get the toxins out of my system?

Exercise is helpful when it comes to passing your drug test. Cardiovascular workouts will increase your body’s metabolism, this does expedite your natural detoxification process. Still, there is no real way to tell if you are totally clean by using this method exclusively. Unless of course you purchase a home testing kit. Those are always a great way to see where you are at before having to face the dreaded testing process.

Cannabis Butter – Simple Cannabutter Recipe

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It’s been long said that if there is a health risk associated with marijuana it is the smoke, and not the actual marijuana that has the risk. With that said, more and more people are finding new ways to use marijuana without smoking it. This brings us the world of medibles, an edible version of marijuana that still gives the user the effects they want, and the health benefits without the smoke.

Here we go, a very simple effective cannabis butter recipe you can easily make at home to medicate through food.

When making cannabis butter, or cannabutter, we want to start with the best medical grade marijuana possible, as this will give us the best possible cannabutter to use for cooking. We want to end up with the most potent cannabutter we can possibly make, we can always dilute later with regular butter, but for now we want the best.

You want about an ounce of your favorite strain of medical marijuana for this recipe.
So, we need…

1 ounce Medical quality marijuana
1 pound butter (whatever your favorite brand is)
2 cups water
1 coffee grinder or handheld herb grinder

Now grind your medical marijuana up really well. You don’t need a powder, but you want it broke up far better than you would for smoking.

Begin by bringing 1 cup water, and 1 pound butter to a boil while you are grinding up your marijuana.

Add marijuana to boiling butter/water and reduce to a simmer. You should be fine on low to low-med depending on burner and pot size.

Let simmer, stirring often and adding water as needed. Allow to continue to simmer for at least 1-2 hours or until the water begins to evaporate readily.

Remove pot (pun intended) from burner, and strain the marijuana through a colander into a glass bowl large enough to hold all of the butter/water left.

You will be keeping the butter and water, and disposing of the marijuana you just strained. This marijuana is now no longer potent, but may still be eaten for taste/vitamin purposes.

Place the bowl containing the butter and water in the fridge and allow to cool.

You should now notice that you have a bunch of solidified butter on top of whatever amount of water did not cook away while we simmered our butter down.

Poke a hole in the top of the cannabutter, near the edge of the bowl and pour the water out. Be careful that the butter has completely cooled before draining water so that you don’t lose any.

You now can refrigerated or freeze your cannabutter for later use, or use now.

Simply make your favorite recipe and substitute butter for your cannabutter.
Some favorites are cookies, brownies, rice crispie treats ect. Basically anything that calls for butter in the recipe! You can also put cannabutter on toast, or on other foods that are good with butter.

You should experiment with different recipes, and amounts of marijuana as potency will vary from strain to strain. If you make the very best cannabutter you can, and you find it is a little too strong for your taste, then simply reduce the amount of cannabutter you use in your recipe.

Try using half real butter and half cannabutter if you would like to tone it down some, or try using more marijuana in the process if you find you would like it a bit stronger.

Just remember, all people are different, and you should experiment and find the right recipe for your particular tastes. Also, when using medibles, it is important to note that the effects are said by many to come on slower, yet stronger, and last longer than when smoking. If you have never eaten marijuana edibles before please use caution and start slow in order to find your comfort level without going overboard.

Now go bake something tasty, and happy medicating!

Gender Determination

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If you grow cannabis plants for smoking, you need female plants. Male plants produce much less THC than female plants and worse, they create pollen which will pollinate your female plants which will stop the THC production immediately. It is therefore important to determine the gender of your plants at an early stage. This pictures will help you with that.

cannabis gender 1a

cannabis gender 1b

cannabis gender 1c

How to Grow Weed

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grow weed

Growing weed is a fairly simple process that requires very little skill or gardening experience. Marijuana is called weed because that’s what it is, a weed that will grow anywhere. Tropics, mountains, indoors, or outdoors are all suitable environments for a healthy marijuana plant to grow. The more love you give your growing plants the better your final product will be. If you grow weed properly you will greatly increase the quantity and quality of the harvest. growing pot is easy but you don’t just drop a seed in dirt, add water, and wait for a magic beanstalk to grow. There are a few steps that need to be followed correctly in order to ensure a successful marijuana crop.

The first thing you will need to grow marijuana is obviously the seeds. These can be purchased online or at a marijuana seed bank. You can check to see if a seed is viable by placing it in a glass of water. If the seed floats it will work, if it sinks you should discard it. Before the seeds can be planted they must first be germinated. You need to get the sprout growing before placing them in the dirt. You can just place them back in the glass of water and leave it in a dark place for a day or two. When you see a small sprout emerge from the seed it is ready to be planted. Place the seeds just under the surface in the soil of your choice. Then you just need to give the plants water and light and wait for Mother Nature to do its thing.

If you grow pot outside you will just have to worry about the water. The amount of water the plants need will depend on the size and the specific marijuana strain. Most weed strains need a small amount of water daily to remain strong and healthy. If you grow weed indoors you will have to supply artificial light. These lights should be set on a timer to mimic the natural light cycle of day and night. Like growing outside from summer to fall, the plants will need more light in the beginning and less light near the harvest. Each cannabis strain is different and some will do better in the outdoor, natural light setting. Other strains thrive under the controlled environment that indoor growing provides. A little research will go a long way in helping to improve the outcome of your marijuana crop.

After a few weeks you will begin to see the first signs of bud growth. As the plants mature the buds will grow larger and start to emit a powerful aroma. The flowering cycle can take anywhere from 8 to 20 weeks to fully mature depending on the strain that you’re using. Once the plants are fully matured they are ready to be harvested. The buds need to be dried and cured for a couple of weeks before they’ll be ready to use. If you nurture the plants correctly they will continue to provide healthy weed harvests on a regular flowering cycle. Learning how to grow weed at home is by far the most affordable way to use marijuana.

Weekly Marijuana Grow Room Maintenance

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Weekly maintenance in your grow room can be one of the easiest ways to spot pests, find equipment failures and prevent losing an entire crop of medical marijuana to a simple error.

The best thing you can do is make yourself a check-list, and go over it on a certain day every week, or even twice a week. The important part is you make a list and stick to it.

Things to keep an eye out for:

  • Wiring
  • Fans / Airflow
  • Pests on plants, soil or walls and floor
  • Unhealthy leaves
  • Plants needing pruning
  • Water level / Moisture level of soil
  • Canopy level

When doing a weekly checklist, it is also a good time to go ahead and do some cleaning. Marijuana plants will thrive the best when given proper attention, in a clean, controlled area. As a marijuana grower you will be picking soil, dirt, debris and leaves off the floor on a regular basis. If you make it a habit to clean up any mess you see, every time you enter your grow room, you will make life easier on yourself. Remember – pests don’t like clean areas! If you want to keep pests away, clean your indoor garden area on a regular basis and keep it clean.

Check your fans.

When checking the fans, you want to clean the fan blades of any debris that may have collected. Most fans used in indoor gardening, will work exactly like your home fan and just like the fan you use in your living room, the indoor garden fan will pick up dust and debris that will stick to the blades.

Cleaning the fan blades and motor of any debris will ensure that air is flowing at it’s best at all times.

This is also a good time to look at the wiring of the fan to make sure everything is in order and there are no loose wires.

Loose, or frayed wires can be a fire hazard to your indoor marijuana garden and your home/greenhouse.

Check ALL wiring on a REGULAR basis!

Make sure all wires are off the ground, or away from any water source, or places that might possibly get wet.

Look for PESTS!

Keeping a careful eye out for pests can keep you from losing your marijuana crop. If you are always looking for pests, you will surely spot them before someone who is never looking. Spotting any signs of pests early can mean the difference between winning the pest war, and losing your crop – it’s just that simple!

If you wait until you see spider mites jumping all over, and webs are completely covering your buds, well you are likely not going to have a harvest anytime soon.

If, on the other hand, you are checking your plants and clones carefully every time you are in the room, you will likely spot the early signs of an infestation and knock the mites out in a hurry, before they destroy your crop.

Unhealthy leaves can lead to other problems, that may lead to bigger problems, that may lead to you losing your crop of marijuana. Anytime you see unhealthy leaves on a plant, you should inspect them and see what is wrong with them. If the leaves are simply turning yellow and falling off, but you have no other signs of trouble great.

If you see leaves that are turning black,spotted,curled-up and upside-down, then you may have serious problems on your hands. The point is, pay attention to what is going on. Many times the plant will tell you whats wrong – if you just pay attention to the signs.

Plants that are growing too tall and need pruning, not only start to look bad after awhile, but they can also pose a fire hazard!

Marijuana plants grown indoors are known to grow like WEEDS – literally, they have growth spurts and may grow a couple inches in height overnight. This could mean your plants may grow up into your lights without you noticing, not only burning your precious plant, but possibly starting a fire at the same time.

Always watch out for plants that are growing up near lights, fans, electrical plugs, or anywhere else they may pose a problem.

If you don’t have a ton of time to devote to your garden, well first you shouldn’t be growing marijuana. Secondly – you should set your maintenance day up around your work schedule so you can perform your weekly maintenance on your day off. This way you can devote a couple good hours to going over all the details.

If you would like more great indoor marijuana cultivation tips, then do yourself a favor and go get the best marijuana horticulture/cultivation book around. This is my all time FAVORITE medical marijuana grow book!

Tips for Cloning a Marijuana Plant

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Cloning a marijuana plant is an easy method of propagating a new plant, from an existing mother plant.

When you “clone” a marijuana plant, you are basically just taking a clipping and placing it in the proper conditions for it to form roots. After rooting, which usually takes 1.5-3 weeks, the rooted “clone” is ready to begin vegetative growth and is now a plant itself. At the very beginning of the vegetative stage for a cloned marijuana plant, it is essentially the same as a young seedling, with a few exceptions.

A seedling, or plant grown from seed, has a taproot that is basically a central root that grows in a downward position and is very strong and helps to hold the young seedling in place by holding onto the soil or other growing medium.

A clone does not have a taproot but instead has many, many smaller roots that grow from the sides of the stem in an outward direction. This can sometimes lead to a clone being “loose” in the growing medium.

Adding rocks or hydroponic rocks to your growing medium will give your young clones roots something extra to hold onto, making your young marijuana clone stronger and less likely to be uprooted.

Growing Marijuana – How to Develop More Female Plants

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female plants

The greatest advantage associated with cannabis is it’s 100 % natural healing and medicinal powers.

So, from my perspective, it is obvious that gardeners should definitely use organic soil as the growing medium. Why would you take something purely organic and ruin it with chemicals? It simply makes no sense.

Is it a little more profitable to use hydro as an alternative to soil?

No, it’s not.  You have to focus on the big picture. Besides the high cost of chemical-based nutrients for hydroponic marijuana cultivation, using (smoking, vaping, cooking with) the harvest from chemically produced plants puts those chemicals in your body, and will increase your medical bills in the future. So, if it takes an extra week to finish your marijuana buds in a soil medium, the added electricity expense for that extra few days will be less than your medical bills and overall health in the future. Far more important than prospective medical bills, is the way in which you feel every day existing chemically f-r-e-e, with much more energy, increased productivity and just the all around experience of being healthy. That in itself is invaluable.

Therefore, if it costs you an extra $5-10 per harvest in the short run, it’s resources smartly invested. Besides, medical Marijuana patients, and customers too, will be demanding pure organic marijuana, and providers will be required to transition to meet demand. It is elementary economics.

With that said, lets move on to what you are really interested in — the way to get considerably more females to develop from your 10 pack of marijuana seeds you paid good money for.

What you need to know about cultivating marijuana is that the overall experience of the grower has a lot to do with the male to female ratio when growing from seed. You can give 5 various gardeners the same 10 seeds, and they will all have totally different results. Some growers will have no females while others can have 50% or more. The sex is not exactly predetermined before the grower gets the seeds. It’s all about a knowing few advanced tips and most crucial, reducing stress on the marijuana plants, specifically right before the calyxes begin to form.

Look at controlling stress levels when germinating and growing marijuana – Just like you’d watch your loved one’s blood sugar levels if they are diabetic. The less a diabetic’s sugar levels fluctuate, the less stress they will experience.

So it goes with cultivating marijuana.

If you over-water or allow your plants’ soil to completely dry out, it WILL cause stress, just the same as when a diabetic eats foods with too much sugar or injects too much insulin – their sugar levels will fluctuate causing stress and illness.

To grow stress-free marijuana and get a higher female to male plant ratio, make sure that:

1. Soil moisture levels to not become over watered or dried out.
2. You keep the nutrients feeding regulated, not spiking or depleting the amounts of nutrients throughout each day. An equal ratio N,K and P will have reasonable results obtaining female plants.
3. Room temperature will not fluctuate excessively
4. Room humidity levels don’t fluctuate too much
5. Never use 24 hours of light for vegetation, 18 on / 6 off is suitable, but not optimal for growing more females. Read below for more advanced techniques.
6. Keep the plants’ light cycles precise, and never permit light pollution (not even for a second) to get in touch with your plants during its dark cycle.

If you maintain all of the above recommendations, you should have 60-70% females. If you want to achieve 70-100% female plants from seeds, read the following advanced tips:

Use more Nitrogen; you get more females when you have a bit more Nitrogen and less Potassium. If your Potassium levels are higher, you will get more male plants. A tad bit more Nitrogen is more beneficial for the vegetation cycle anyway.

Ensure your humidity levels are high right from seed with a humidity dome. If humidity levels are low, you are certain to get more males. Also keep your soil from drying, this will result in more males.

Environment does have a little to do with the strain background. Unless you’re growing a tropical strain, such as a Sativa from Thailand that loves the temperature up around 85 degrees, always try to keep the temperature lower. High heat creates stress on the majority of the marijuana strains, and it results in more males. Keep your room temperature as close to 70 degrees Fahrenheit as possible, and make sure it does not decrease by more than 5 degrees when the lights are out, or you will create more males.

Keeping the relative humidity of the room at 70% is the best for females to form. Humidity over 80 and under 60 will result in more males.

Do not top your plants or take clones before sex is shown. This can contribute stress and develop more males.

Utilize a Metal Halide (MH) during vegetation and a High Pressure Sodium Bulb (HPS) for flowering. This will create more females.

Before you change the light cycle from vegetation to flowering, be sure your plants are stress free. If you recently over fertilized, or treated the soil for mold or plant for pests, wait a few days for the plants to overcome any stress, then go into the flowering cycle, even if it throws your schedule off by a few days, it is usually well worth it as you may get 20% more females purely by waiting the extra 3 days for them to recover from the stress.

You’ll find it also ideal to vegetate under 14.5 hours of light for optimum female ratios. If this cannot be practiced, then use 16. And if you’re still in too much of a hurry, use 18, but never 24 hours of light or you will have too many males.

You get a lot more females using 14.5 hour of light during the vegetative cycle, slightly less using 16, slightly less at 18, but your chances dramatically decrease if you use 24 hours of light. You could end up with 70% male up, or even up to 100% male plants. You could actually get NO FEMALES AT ALL. It’s not worth the risk, especially if you happen to be cultivating higher end strains.

How to Roll a Joint

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roll a joint

One of the oldest ways to smoke weed is in a joint. A joint is a hand or machine rolled marijuana cigarette. Many people prefer this smoking method to any other because of the convenience, the taste, and the slow intoxicating burn. There is an endless variety of rolling papers made specifically for smoking weed. They are made of anything from paper to hemp and come in every flavor imaginable. This has revolutionized the art of rolling and smoking a joint. There are also many different styles of joint. Some of these include pinners, cones, blunts, tulips, and many more. The only downside to smoking a joint is that some weed is wasted while the joint is burning and not being smoked. But this can be easily prevented by hot boxing a car or small room. Smoking a joint is one of the oldest and most popular ways to use marijuana.

The only obstacle involved in this method of smoking is learning to properly roll a weed joint. There are many methods to successfully roll a joint including hand rolling, machine rolling, pre-rolled papers, and the popular dollar trick. All of these methods work well and share the goal of creating a perfectly rolled joint. The major benefits of using a joint are that there is no paraphernalia and you don’t have to relight the weed after every hit. If you have weed, a rolling paper, and fire you can get high. This is one of the smoothest ways to get high because it burns slowly rather than being repeatedly roasted with a lighter. With the right rolling paper you can fully enjoy the depth of flavor that comes from a good cannabis strain. Smoking a joint is the preferred method of use for those people who enjoy the smoking of weed just as much as the high.

The most important part of any joint is the rolling paper. One of the most popular brands of joint rolling paper is Zig Zag. This company makes rolling papers in a variety of different sizes, ranging from 70mm to blunt worthy King Size. Their rolling papers work great for rolling a joint and blend well with the marijuana flavors. Other people like to keep it natural with an all hemp rolling paper. Hemp rolling papers are made by weed and for weed. These all natural papers are not dyed or bleached to assure the most authentic and enjoyable smoking experience possible. A popular brand of hemp rolling papers is Pure Hemp. Their 100% hemp papers come in 5 different sizes and are made with the weed connoisseur in mind. Another popular paper brand for rolling a marijuana joint is the High Wire. This hemp paper has a thin wire embedded along the length of the paper. This wire assists in rolling and becomes a joint holder while smoking. As the joint burns down you have something to hold unto, allowing you to smoke the entire joint without a roach clip. Choosing a rolling paper really just comes down to personal taste. But the best marijuana joints use a rolling paper that works with the weeds natural flavor rather than distracting from it.

More Cannabis Facts

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1. There are many positive and negative effects that come from using marijuana. The facts about these marijuana effects are often muddled by myths and misinformation that is not backed up by scientific evidence. Sorting out the myths from the facts can be difficult if you do not have access to reliable data. Not having enough information is also an issue, as up until recent years very little scientific research was done on the subject. The growing popularity of medical and recreational use is helping to change this, with new and reliable scientific data coming out about the effects of weed every day.

2. When a person uses cannabis they release cannabanoids into their body. The psychoactive cannabanoid in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. This is what causes the physical and mental effects of marijuana on the user. Normal thc levels in a marijuana plant range from 10 to 15 percent. But with recent advances in the cultivating process these levels have been seen as high as 30 percent. This is a dramatic jump in the plants psychoactive chemicals. Any past research that was done on weaker marijuana may not be a reliable guide for these new powerful strains. Facts about the effects of weed on both sides of the issue have always been questionable, and now more so than now. Information should be read with skepticism and should be backed up with reliable scientific evidence.

3. The one certain fact is that the U.S. government has lied about the harmful effects of marijuana since the beginning of its criminality. They are the very last source of information you would want to turn to for this topic. Whatever their agenda has been for the last 100 years it has certainly not been in the interest of truth and science. One of the most reliable places to find information is in the field of medical marijuana. Several years of research has been done on the beneficial treatments and possible side effects of using weed medicinally. It has been proven to be effective for the treatment of cancer, aids, chronic pain, migraines, and even neurological disorders. In the face of this new evidence 15 states have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes. In addition, 5 European countries and Canada have also chosen to legalize marijuana for medical uses.

4. Most of the misinformation regarding marijuana concerns the negative effects of weed. Concerns that have been raised about marijuana include such things as euphoria, anxiety, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, and depression. But all evidence for these claims is often inconclusive or not scientific. The plant has been proven to have very low toxicity, and no amount of consumption can cause a lethal human dose. If you somehow managed to smoke 100 joints at once, you would have about 1 percent of the toxicity level it would take to kill you. marijuana effects are mild at best, and pose absolutely no threat to long-term human health.