Marijuana Terms Definitions and Glossary

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Aeroponics: n. – A technique used to grow marijuana

Annual: a plant, such as marijuana/cannabis that completes it’s entire life cycle from seed to harvest, in one year/season.

Aqua lung: n. – A gravity bong in a bucket. Also a person who smokes mega and doesn’t share.

Artillery: n. – Equipment for smoking weed

Babysitting: v. – To hold the joint or bowl for a long period of time before passing it

Baked: v. – Beyond high. Same as stoned, though some people argue that it’s referring to beyond stoned

Bale: n. – A big bag or bale of marijuana

Bag: n – A bag of marijuana, any size, from one gram, to one or two ounces

Bat: A fat, half joint or roach that resembles a baseball bat

Blaze: v. To smoke marijuana

Blazed: adj. – To be high on marijuana.

Blowed: – v. high off ur ass

Blunt: n. Herb stuffed cigar

Blunt wrap: n. – A tobacco leaf wrapping for use in making marijuana cigars. Depending on location, the flavors increase and vary.

Blunted: adj. under influence of blunt

Bogart: n. – Holding a bowl instead of passing and everyone is like, where is that green, “Don’t bogart that joint” Also, bouged, bogey

Bomber: n. – Big, fat Marley-style spliff

Bong: n. A waterpipe for smoking marijuana.

Bowl: n. – A part of a pipe used to stuff the herb into.

Bud (buds): n. – The flower top of the marijuana plant.

Buddha: n. – Strong marijuana.

Bullet: A type of pipe that resembles a large bullet. More easily concealed in the hand than a standard pipe.

Buzz: When you have a nice high from smoking or drinking. Not too much, not too little.

Buzzkill: n. – Something that decreases your nice high or gets you out of that stoney state of mind like somebody that is really annoying.

Camping: v. – The act of forgetting to pass a smoking joint, bowl, bong or blunt in a smoking circle.

Cannabinoid: n. – A type of organic compound, found in marijuana and the cannabis plant species, that is responsible for the psychoactive effects.

Cannabis (cannibis, cannibus): n. – Marijuana

Cannon: n. – The biggest fattest joint you can roll.

Canoeing: v. – When the side of a joint or blunt begins to burn unevenly with the rest of the blunt causing a canoe to form, easily fixed by licking your finger, applying moisture to the area burning, and re-lighting the joint or blunt at the tip

Carb: n. – A hole in a pipe that allows air in or out for a better toke. It allows you to take a super toke force hit.

Cash: adj. When the bowl is done.

Cash crops: n. – Slang term for marijuana.

Cashed: adj. – After you smoke your bowl and there is nothing left but ash.

Cheeba: n. marijuana

Chillum: n. – A type of cannabis pipe.

Chronic: n. Incredibly potent marijuana, it started out as weed laced with coke

Clambake: v. – To smoke in an enclosed area with no ventilation so that all the smoke is inhaled with every breath. In a car, closet or small enclosed space.

Clip: n.- Any type of clip that holds the roach

Clone: a clone is a clipping that is taken from a “mother” plant and rooted, then grown into a mature plant. The mature plant will be identical genetically as the “mother” it was taken from.

Cone: n. – A joint rolled inside-out, usually skinny at one end and fat at the other. This is very popular in the Netherlands. Also known as a Spliff.

Cottonmouth: n. – Also known as dry mouth after smoking or ingesting marijuana.

Couch-lock: n. – The feeling you get after smoking a strong indica and you feel like your ass is glued to the sofa.

Dank: adj. Good Smelly Weed “Go on and hit the dank”

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol: n. – The cannabinoid responsible for most of marijuana’s psychoactive effects.

Dime: n. Ten dollar bag of marijuana, dime bag

Dirt weed (dirt grass): n. – Low quality marijuana

Doobie: n. – A term used to describe a marijuana joint. “Pass that doobie.”

Double Bubble: n. – A water-pipe with two chambers of water for extra filtration, the first often filled with hot water to cleanse the smoke and the second filled with cold water to chill the smoke to ease inhalation.

Dro: n. – Hydroponic marijuana, Type of weed – usually pretty good

Dropping a dime: v. Informing. Snitching someone out.

Dugout: n. Usually a wooden box, drilled out inside with a place for your stash, and a place for your one-hitter

Ear: n. – Stoner lingo for “here” (i.e. when passing the pipe/bong/blunt… stoners say “ear” so as to not expel a portion of their recent hit with an airy “H” sound)

Eighth: n. – One eighth of an ounce of pot

Elbow: n. A pound of marijuana

Endo: n. – Slang for marijuana.

Endocannabinoid: n. – A group of compounds that are remarkably similar to those found in cannabis that are naturally occurring in the human body.

Fatty: n. – A big phat joint.

Five dollar bag: n. – 5 dollars worth of marijuana More commonly known as a Nick, or a Nickel Bag

Four Twenty, 420: n. – A time to get high, a national day, cannabis itself. A code for let’s get high right now.
420 (4:20): n. 420 is the Time of day for all potheads…

Fried: adj. – Beyond baked, couldnt get more screwed up i.e. toasted

Front: v. – To lend someone weed expecting payment in the near future.

Ganja: n. – A term used to describe cannabis in Jamaica

Get high (get lifted, get off): n. – The medicated feeling from consuming marijuana.

Giggle weed (giggle smoke): n. – Marijuana that’ll make you have a giggle fit like a little girl..

Glassware: n. – Smoking utensils made from glass, these delicate pieces are often in the form of bongs, bowls, bubblers, chilliums, steamrollers, etc…

Grass: n. marijuana slang

Gravity bong: n. – A type of pipe that uses the force of draining water to burn the pot.

Grommet: n. – The rubber seal found on most good glass waterpipes

Half: n. – half ounce, also, half O, haff, half a zip

Head shop: n. – A place to buy marijuana paraphernalia.

Hemp: n. – The non-psychoactive varieties of the cannabis plant.

Henky: adj. – Crooked Or Scandalous.

Herb: n. – Slang for cannabis.

Hog leg: n. – A big joint of weed.

Holding: v. – To possess drugs. “Hey man, what you holding?” or, To hold the joint too long. “Hey man, stop holding that joint and pass the damn thing.”

Hookah: n. – Device to smoke either tobacco, hashish, or marijuana out of. Construction resembles that of a water pipe, but the hookah has multiple mouthpieces, allowing more than one person to toke, and is usually elaborately wrapped in silk and/or string, making it more decorative.

Honey oil: n. – THC extract from marijuana aka cannabis resin aka hash oil aka hashish oil.

Hooter: n. Blunt or large fat joint, big fat doobie.

Hot Box: v. – To hot box a room is to fill it full of second hand marijuana smoke to the point you can’t see and it’s hard to breathe. To Hot Box a joint or cigarette is when (usually) more than one person is smoking, and the ‘hots’ or ‘cherry’ get almost as long as the joint or the cigarette.

Hydro (hydroponics, hydroponic): n. A type of gardening that uses water as a medium instead of soil. See: Hydroponics

Hydroponics: a method of growing a plant in a soil-less nutrient solution and water. many marijuana growers use hydroponics instead of soil in order to increase yields, while cutting down on overall growing time.

Indica: n: – A species of marijuana plant.

Indoor: n. – Indoor marijuana, usually the most potent.

Inter-node: n. – The space between nodes on a pot plant.

J (j’s): n. – A marijuana cigarette

Jamaican Red (Gold): n. – Names of marijuana from Jamaica.

JIB: n. – Another word for joint

Joint: n. – Rolled up marijuana ready to smoke.

Joint Poop: n. The resin ball that accumulates on the end of a joint that almost always comes off on your white clothing- staining it forever

Kief: n. The crystals off the buds of the marijuana plant

Kentucky blue grass: n. – Type of marijuana from southern United States

Key: n. – An amount of marijuana equal to a kilogram or 2.2 pounds.

Kief,Kiff, kif: n. – The crystal residue from marijuana.

Killer: n. – Type of weed that immediately gets you high in the first hit. It’s rare but does happen.

Killer joints, killer weed: n. – Terms used for really good weed.

Kind: n. – A term used to mean anything to do with good pot.

Kona bud, (kona gold, kona coma): n. – Kona buds are differing strains of good marijuana- with the characteristic of having a big flower top.

Kryptonite: n. – Weed that will drain all of your powers and sense of reality

Leaf: n. – Part of the marijuana plant.

Lebanese hash: n. – A well known type of black hash and gold hash native to the region of Lebanon.

Lid: n. – The amount of marijuana that can fit in the lid of a mason jar. Also an outdated term for one ounce. Ask an old dude, they remember those Fifty dollar ounces!

Light green: v. – A grade of marijuana.

Lightweight: n. – A person who is baked off small amounts of weed.

Lit: adj. – Really or unusually high.

Lit up: adj. – To be really high.

Loco weed: n. – Old school for marijuana.

Log: n. – A big phat joint or blunt

MacGyver: n. – Someone who can fix or make a marijuana smoking device with no notice and limited supplies. or, “Give me an ink pen, apple and a piece of foil, I’ll MacGyver up a pipe in no time…” -v.

Medusa: n. – Nickname for a 4 (or more) hitter hookah pipe.

Magic smoke: n. – Cannabis

Manicure: v. – To trim the top leaves and flowering tops of the hemp plant.

Marijuana: n. – The flowering tops of the female cannabis plant. The buds. AKA, doobie, ganja, grass, green, herb, Indo/ Endo, weed, pot, wacky tabacky,

Mother plant: female cannabis plant used for obtaining clones by taking cuttings and rooting. marijuana mother plants are sometimes kept in a vegetative state (long daylight cycle) for up to years, and may provide thousands of clones for use over the course of its life.

Mule: n. – A person who moves drugs for a payment of money

Munchies: n. – A side effect or smoking up, when you get very hungry after smoking marijuana.

Narc: n. – 1) a person who cooperates with law enforcement officers, 2) someone who tries to gain trust and then betray trust in order to expose drug activity or other illicit activities, 3) The most horrible insult to any proud stoner.

Necrosis: localized death of a plant part as result of injury, disease, or deficiency.

Nickel bag: (Nick) n. A five dollar bag of weed.

Node: n. – The place where a branch grows off of the stem of a pot plant

Northern lights: n. – A famous type of marijuana.

Nosecone: n. – A large cone rolled doobie with a rosebud in the end.

Nug: n. – A small bud of marijuana.

Nugs (nugz) : n. Many small buds of pot.

O: n. an ounce of marijuana

O’s: n. two or more ounces of weed.

O.D.: v. – an overdose of narcotics.

O.G.: n. Original Gangsta/Gangster, strain of marijuana “OG Kush”

Oh-Zee. O.Z.: n. – An ounce of pot.

One Hitter- n.- A small slender pipe that usually resembles a cigarette only made of metal. Normally a standard piece of equipment issued with a dugout, but can be bought separately and is really excellent for smoking roaches too

One hit wonder: n. – Dope that takes one hit to get you stoned

Ounce (ounce bag): n. – 28 grams of weed.

O.Z. (oh-zee): n. – An ounce of weed

Pack a bowl: v. – To place pot into a pipe or bong

Papes: n. – Cigarette papers used to roll joints of marijuana.

Papers: n. Rolling papers used for smoking cigarettes, marijuana and herbal smokes.

Parachute: n. – A plastic bottle that has the bottom cut out. There is a plastic bag that is taped over the cut out hole on the bottom and a string tied to bottom of the bag. The cap must either be made into a bowl or have a bowl put in. Place the string under your foot, light the bowl and pull up with the ‘parachute.’ It cooks extremely harsh yet high stoning hits! Great at parties!! Amaze your friends!!

Partake: v. – To partake of the herb. When you are ready to catch a buzz you say “lets partake”..if you are catchin a buzz you say we’re “partaken” stop by.

Peddler: n. – Someone who sells drugs and other illegal paraphernalia.

Peer Pressure: v. – When anyone tries to pass to a person who doesn’t smoke, but happens to be in the rotation, or to the immediate left/right

Perma-baked: v. – Always high.

Perma-fried: adj. – Constantly stoned.

Perma-grin: adj. When you smoke out, and you can’t stop smiling even though your face hurts from it. ex. “Dude looks like he got perma-grin”

Photosynthesis: is a process used by plants that converts carbon dioxide into organic compounds, especially sugars, using the energy stored from taking in sunlight.

Pinch: v. To steal a little pot from someone else’s bag. A mortal stoner sin.

Pinched: v. Busted, set up, or caught. ex. “Jimmy got pinched last night with an O, now he’s in county with no bond.”

Pinner: n. – Real thin rolled joint. Also known as a “Michigan Penitentiary” or just “Penitentiary” Joint

Pin Joint: n. – Small spliff, a pinner

Pipe: n. – Used for smoking marijuana. Made from various materials such as glass, wood, or metal, consisteing of a bowl, a stem, and a mouthpiece. Sometimes they even have a lid or can be made from apples, pop cans

Pot: n. marijuana nickname

Pot head: n. – Someone who smokes pot constantly.

Pothead anthem: n. – Any song you love having to do with pot. ex.- “I got stoned and I missed it”(Dr. Hook), “Do you feel like we do” (Peter Frampton), Because I got High”(Afroman), and “Last dance with Mary Jane”(Tom Petty)

Potna: (Partner) n. Term to address your smoking buddy -pl. ‘potna’s’

Pregnant: adj. – A joint that is rolled really fat in the center and skinny on the ends.

Primo: adj. High quality stuff, really good marijuana

Professional: n. – A pro roller….is one who can fashion, fix, or prepare any broken,dry,stale,ripped in three pieces, washed, wet,tainted, tracing paper, bugler wraps, or any other paper product that is NOT an actual rolling paper for spinning spliffs.

Puff Daddy: n. – “I’ve been told once you have a pot babe…and supply all her smoking needs regularly, you become her puff daddy. Pretty similar to a Sugar Daddy, only for weed instead of money

Puff the Magic Dragon: v. – To smoke marijuana.

Puffin the lovely: v. – Burning a reefer.

Purple: n. – Refers to weed that has a purple color to it. The plant either became purple due to its genetics or it has been left to ripen a little past maturity. Cold weather sometimes induces cannabis plants to become purple as well.

Purple hazed: v. (purple hazing) To be baked or getting baked.

Purple leaf: n. – A type of marijuana that grows purple colored leafs and hairs on the buds.

QP: n. Quarter Pound of weed

Quarter: n. – a quarter of an ounce of marijuana, 7 grams of weed. also called a Quarter bag, or a Quarter O.

Queen Green: n. – This is the chick who has the endless supply and variety of tasty green buds….the true Queen never lets her kingdom go without marijuana.

Quick Grab: n. This is any amount of weed you buy from a dealer right inside or outside the door of a party store. In Detroit, you can get blunt wraps, a deuce, a pack of cigarettes, and grab a Nic or a Dime on your way out the door.

Ragweed: n. – Pretty shitty weed

Rasta weed: n. – Good Jamaican ganja.

Rat: n.- Snitch, informant, narc. To betray by snitching out your peeps or others

Red bud: n. – Red colored marijuana usually referring to the color of the hairs on the buds.

Red-eyed: v. – The extreme bloodshot eyes you get after toking on sum good marijuana.

Reefer: n. marijuana.

Reeferhead: n. – Someone who smokes weed.

Resin ball: n. – Ball of resin.

Resin bud: n. – Good marijuana that oozes out resin when you smoke it.

Resinated: v. – To become full of THC resin or caked with resin.

Re-Up: n. – Code for getting more weed.

Righteous bush: n. – The marijuana plant.

Ripped off: v. – Someone just took your money and never came back with the weed or sold you dirt weed.

Roach: n. – End of a joint, The little burnt end of a smoked joint. So named due to an uncanny resemblance to actual roaches

Roach clip: n. – A tool to hold the little burnt end of a smoked joint so you don’t burn your fingers.

Roaches: n. – A pile of burnt joint ends.

Roach joint: n. – A joint made up of nothing but roaches.

Roasting: n. – Smoking marijuana.

Roll: v. To roll a joint

Roll: v. To leave

Rolling – The bowl is still burning when the next person hits it.

Roll up: v. to put the spin on a joint

Runners: n. – people who sell dope for others, or just carry for them.

Rush: n. When you hit the joint/bowl/bong/roach so hard you see spots, and all the blood goes to your head. ex. one tends to get a rush after taking drugs

Rusty weed: n. – Brown weed.

Sack chaser: n. a women using a man for his weed.

Sacks: n. – Bags used for marijuana if u sell.

Sackus Quarteralis: n. Quarter bag (in pot Latin)

Safety Meeting: v. code for “lets smoke”

Satchel: any kind of bag, sack, or poke used to hold some buds.

Schwag (shwagg, shwag): n. – Low potentcy pot.

Scooby snacks: n. – The mouthful of weed or ashes you get from a cashed bowl or loose joint.

Seedling: a very young plant produced from a seed.

Sensi: n. – A very potent, seedless cannabis, sort for “sensimilla” which means “without seed”.

Shake: n. – The bottom of the bag of pot that is just a pulverized mix of stem, leaf and sometimes seed.

Shiva: n. – A Hindu deity, the hashish smoking Goddess whose healing properties were contained within the sacred smoke of the cannabis plant.

Shotgun: v. – To place a joint in the mouth backwards, then blowing through the joint and into someone elses mouth. They in turn get one super toke of smoke.

Shredded: adj. – Absolutely stoned, ripped.

Skimp bag: n. A little bag with little weed in it. Anytime your bag seems too short for too much

Skins: n. – rolling papers.

Skunk weed: n. – A type of marijuana that smells every bit as rank as a skunk

Slang , slangin’: v. selling drugs or goods – sort of a redneck twanged “sling”- as in, “Jedidiah got laid off and went broke, now he’s back to slangin’.”

Slide: n – The removable downstem in a bubbler or waterbong, used as a carb to clear the chamber of smoke.

Slow ya roll: v. – Take it easy, slow down before things get out of control.

Smoke you out: n. – To smoke cannabis with someone.

Smokout buddie: n. – Person you smoke with the most.

Smokeout room: n. – A room dedicated to being an all weed room.

Smoking around: adv. – An expression used for the instance where a regular smoking buddy is caught getting high with someone else. “I know you ain’t cheating on me! I know you ain’t smoking around!”

Snitch: n. Rat, talks for cash

Spark: n. – Lighter.

Spot: v. – Getting dope up front, no cost at time – a front, on loan.

Stank: n. – Really good cannabis.

Stash: n. – A good place you find to hide your pot or other valuables. n. – Whatever drugs you have on hand, set off to the side, hidden, or put up for a rainy day

Steamroller: n. – A Marijuana pipe, which is basically a straight tube with a bowl on it. Usually made from a cardboard toilet paper or paper towel tube and foil…anything handy. You probably have a MacGuyver with you if smoking from one of these.

Stem, stems: n. – A part of the marijuana plant usually thrown away.

Stick: n. – Used to describe a bag with lot’s of stems. “Hey man, this weeds is full of sticks”.

Sticky fingers: adj. – Your hands after cleaning a terrific sticky green bud…you know its gonna be tasty…’cause your fingers stick to your papers!

Stankweed, Stinkweed: n. – Slang for really smelly pot.

Stoner: adj. – A person who is baked most of, or all of the time.

Stoner moment: n. – This means that when your smoking alot of pot and your with alot of friends, and all of the sudden you find yourself and all the others looking off into the distance zoning out, and completely quiet.

Stoner moment: v. – ” I don’t remember what I was gonna say for the definition”…aahhh a stoner moment 4 me..

Straight: v. – Don’t smoke/don’t want something (“I’m straight”).

Ten sack: n. – Ten bucks worth of pot, also called a dime bag.

Ten spot: n. – Dime bag. Ten dollar bill

THC: n. – Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, The most active psychotropic compound in marijuana.

Thai Stick: n. – Pot from Thailand wrapped around a thin bamboo stick and held together with strips of stalk. Nowadays considered a thing of stoner mythology.

The Dank: n. – Really good pot. “Yo, he’s got the best weed around – that shit is dank!”

The fuzz: n. – Refers to the police “oh no its the fuzz!”.

The Weed Magician: n. – Someone who can always get weed really fast when others don’t have any.

Toke: v. – To toke, toked, or toking; word used when describing the smoking of marijuana.

Toker: n. – Someone who is always getting high, pothead.

Toupee: n. – When you add a little “green top” over the cashed weed in a pipe or bong. “Man, that ain’t no fresh bowl of weed, you just put a toupee on it!”

Torch: v. – To spark up a doobie. Also, a device commonly used to heat glass smoking apparatus’ for consuming marijuana extracts.

Tore up from the floor up: v. – So freaking high you can’t think clearly.

Trap: n. – Hiding place for your stash.

Trainwreck: n. – Super potent Canadian variety of marijuana originating in British Columbia

Tree: n. . – Weed. (Trees:) n. Slang for marijuana.

Twistin’: adj. – Rolling a joint or blunt, spin on, or PR- pre-roll

Under-baked: pron. – Not quite high enough because of to many lungs in the rotation. Less medicated or “high” than one considers to be properly “baked”.

Utensil: n. – A pot pipe, or an object used to scrape, tamp, clean or stir a pipe.

Vaporizer: n. – A device which heats your marijuana to the exact vaporizing temperature of the active compounds, without heating to the point of combustion. Smokeless way to inhale marijuana.

Wake and bake: v. – To wake up and smoke marijuana first thing in the morning,

Water-pipe: n. – A pipe with a water filtration chamber, normally used in place of Bong in head shops to prevent any legal hassles.

Weed abuse: v. – To spill marijuana or waste marijuana.

White rhino: n. – A type of cannabis

White widow: n. – One of the most powerful kinds of marijuana in the world. Winner of many pot awards.

Wraps: n. – These are rolling papers, blunt wraps, etc.

Zip: n. – Ounce, also zipper, zippo, zippy. As in “I’ma stop by and pick up that Zippo I lost”, “I think I broke my zipper, can you fix it for me?”, “I’ll take a zip of your finest”.

Zoned: v. The state of mind where you’re focused on one thing only. In the “zone”, or zoned out.

Zonked: n. – Stoned out of your mind, really, really high.

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