How to Make an Aluminum Can Bong

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Aluminum can bong

There are many non-traditional methods to smoke weed if you don’t have access to a bong, pipe, or rolling papers. These methods are not ideal by any means but they do get the job done. Some of the objects that can be turned into a smoking device include, aluminum cans, fruit, vegetables, bottles, jugs, hardware tools, tinfoil, and many more. The only thing limiting you in this endeavor is your own creativity. Improvisational pipe making is an invaluable skill that can save a pothead from any tragic weed emergency. This important skill is learned almost immediately after learning how to smoke weed. One of the most popular methods for making a homemade pipe is to use an aluminum can.

If you want to learn how to make a homemade pipe, the soda can pipe provides the perfect pipe making 101 course. This method is popular because soda cans are something that every person has readily available. If there isn’t one in your house, there is one nearby. The can pipe is also popular because it can be quickly made and disposed of. In places where marijuana is still illegal, using a disposable pipe is actually a very good idea. All you will need for this smoking method is an empty aluminum can and something sharp to poke holes like a pen, needle, or pocketknife. The can should be thoroughly cleaned out of any residue and allowed to dry completely. Some people like to leave the soda residue in the can, claiming that it adds to the flavor. But these Orange Crush hits can sometimes be quite harsh.

Once the can is clean you are ready to form the pipe. The bowl area of the pipe is going to be made from the center of the can. You need to press and mold a bowl shape into the center of the can using your thumbs. The top and bottom of the can will remain round but the center will be squished almost all the way in. You just need to leave enough room for punching the holes and airflow. It’s not the easiest thing to work worth so it will take some time and patience to get the bowl right. The pipe will work by lighting the weed in the bowl and sucking the smoke through the open drink hole.

You next need to puncture some holes for the smoke to enter the can through. It is best to use something with a fine point, or you will lose some of the weed into the can. But anything with a sharp point will do. You just puncture 5 to 6 holes in the bottom of the bowl, evenly separated enough so that weed does not fall through. Then you add a small amount of marijuana to the bowl and this pipe is ready to be smoked. Holding the can from the bottom you light the weed and suck the smoke through the drink hole on the can. This isn’t the most luxurious method for smoking marijuana by any means. But if you know how to smoke weed from an aluminum can you will always have a pipe when you need it.

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