How to know if you’re stoned

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If you are a new weed user it can sometimes be hard to know if it’s working. The effects of marijuana can vary depending on the quality or strain of plant you are smoking. Very strong potent weed will leave no doubt you are high, but there are more subtle strains of weed that are not as obvious. You should pay attention to your body and mind while you are smoking. If you find yourself enjoying the music of the Eagles, you’re probably high. Ok it’s a little more technical than that, but with a little experience you will be able to answer the question that has plagued mankind for centuries. Am I high?

There is a myth in weed culture that you never get high the first time you smoke pot. It’s not that the weed doesn’t work the first time, the new smoker just doesn’t know how to recognize the effects. All strains of marijuana have different effects on the body and all people have a different tolerance level. So the weed experience can vary greatly for every person. There are hundreds of different strains of marijuana but all of them fall into 2 main categories, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis Indica. These 2 versions of the cannabis plant have very different effects on the body and if you know what to expect you’ll never have to ask yourself the question, am I stoned.

The feeling you get from a Canabis indica stain of marijuana is the stereotypical lazy stoner feeling. Indica causes extreme relaxation and getting up from the couch or going outside will be difficult. This effect is sometimes known as couch lock, for the somewhat tired and lethargic feeling associated with indica. After a long session with a strain of this herb it will be time for a weed nap. Because of these strong effects on the body indica strains are considered the strongest types of marijuana. Some popular indica strains include White Widow, Northern Lights, and Kush. When you are smoking indica you will know you are high by the relaxing effects it has on your body.

Cannabis Sativa on the other hand is going to be felt mostly in your head. Unlike the lazy indica, a strain of sativa will cause you to be more energetic. You will be more talkative, excited, and will not be able to stop laughing. The effects of this weed are less subtle and it will cause you to say, I am so high! Sativa strains are also known for enhancing visual and auditory experience like music or movies. Commonly used sativa strains include Purple Haze, Amnesia, Strawberry Cough, and Jack Herer. With a sativa strain of marijuana you will know you stoned by the euphoric effects it has on your head.

It takes some practice to learn the effects of marijuana before you can stop asking yourself am I high. Some people prefer sativa and others like an indica high. Many people don’t even have a clue what there smoking. If you know what strain of marijuana you are smoking you will always know what to expect from the high.

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