How to Grow Weed

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grow weed

Growing weed is a fairly simple process that requires very little skill or gardening experience. Marijuana is called weed because that’s what it is, a weed that will grow anywhere. Tropics, mountains, indoors, or outdoors are all suitable environments for a healthy marijuana plant to grow. The more love you give your growing plants the better your final product will be. If you grow weed properly you will greatly increase the quantity and quality of the harvest. growing pot is easy but you don’t just drop a seed in dirt, add water, and wait for a magic beanstalk to grow. There are a few steps that need to be followed correctly in order to ensure a successful marijuana crop.

The first thing you will need to grow marijuana is obviously the seeds. These can be purchased online or at a marijuana seed bank. You can check to see if a seed is viable by placing it in a glass of water. If the seed floats it will work, if it sinks you should discard it. Before the seeds can be planted they must first be germinated. You need to get the sprout growing before placing them in the dirt. You can just place them back in the glass of water and leave it in a dark place for a day or two. When you see a small sprout emerge from the seed it is ready to be planted. Place the seeds just under the surface in the soil of your choice. Then you just need to give the plants water and light and wait for Mother Nature to do its thing.

If you grow pot outside you will just have to worry about the water. The amount of water the plants need will depend on the size and the specific marijuana strain. Most weed strains need a small amount of water daily to remain strong and healthy. If you grow weed indoors you will have to supply artificial light. These lights should be set on a timer to mimic the natural light cycle of day and night. Like growing outside from summer to fall, the plants will need more light in the beginning and less light near the harvest. Each cannabis strain is different and some will do better in the outdoor, natural light setting. Other strains thrive under the controlled environment that indoor growing provides. A little research will go a long way in helping to improve the outcome of your marijuana crop.

After a few weeks you will begin to see the first signs of bud growth. As the plants mature the buds will grow larger and start to emit a powerful aroma. The flowering cycle can take anywhere from 8 to 20 weeks to fully mature depending on the strain that you’re using. Once the plants are fully matured they are ready to be harvested. The buds need to be dried and cured for a couple of weeks before they’ll be ready to use. If you nurture the plants correctly they will continue to provide healthy weed harvests on a regular flowering cycle. Learning how to grow weed at home is by far the most affordable way to use marijuana.

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