Germinating Marijuana Seeds

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seed germination

Germinating marijuana seeds is a fairly easy process once you know how, but is a vital part of your marijuana plants life. This is the very biginning of life for your marijuana plant. Picking a good strain of marijuana seed to grow, should be the first step you take to asure you have good genetics, resulting in quality marijuana.

We’ll start here assuming you have already done your homework, and picked some good quality seeds you would like to grow.

Marijuana seeds need 3 factors to begin growing; warmth, moisture, and air.

Getting the right mixture of the 3 is important, but not too difficult.

1 method used is, the paper towel method.

Most people I know like to use a plain white paper towel, with no designs or inks. (less additives and chemicals to worry about)

First, place your marijuana seeds in a shotglass full of water, put the water in first, so the water doesn’t force the seeds out on the ground. Some people add a couple drops of (H2O2) hydrogen peroxide, to add oxygen to the water. Soak for 12-24 hours (this step is optional – experiment some)

Take a paper towel and fold it in half, and place it on a small plate, then dampen thoroughly. Now place your marijuana seeds on top of the damp (not soaked) paper towel. Fold and dampen a second piece of paper towel, and place on top.

Now, you can place the paper towels on a plate, and cover with a bowl, making sure to keep all the damp paper towel under the bowl trapping in the moisture. This is a very easy, quick and effective humidity dome.

Place this plate on top of the refrigerator, or in a warm dark place. (top of a cable box works too) You just want a few degrees warmer than room temp. Just enough to create some “rain” or humidity under the bowl.

Remove the bowl twice a day for 5-10 minutes to allow to breath, and re-dampen if needed. Never let your seeds go completely dry.

Typically, in ideal conditions (proper heat, moisture and oxygen) a marijuana, or cannabis, seed takes anywhere from 48 hours, to 14 days to complete germination.

The 48-72 hour mark is reasonable with viable, healthy marijuana seeds, using this method.

During the first 72 hours or so, moisture will be absorbed into the seed. When the moisture and heat create a reaction within the seed, life begins for our new little marijuana seedling.

Around 48-72 hours later, you should begin to see a “taproot” forming, and splitting open the shell of the seed.

Once the taproot has emerged to 1/16 – 1/8″ long, it is time to plant into your medium, as germination is complete, and you are now transferring your seedling for further growth before full on vegetative stage.

There you have it, just 1 of several effective ways to germinate your marijuana seeds using a simple paper towel.

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