How to Make an Aluminum Can Bong

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Aluminum can bong

There are many non-traditional methods to smoke weed if you don’t have access to a bong, pipe, or rolling papers. These methods are not ideal by any means but they do get the job done. Some of the objects that can be turned into a smoking device include, aluminum cans, fruit, vegetables, bottles, jugs, hardware tools, tinfoil, and many more. The only thing limiting you in this endeavor is your own creativity. Improvisational pipe making is an invaluable skill that can save a pothead from any tragic weed emergency. This important skill is learned almost immediately after learning how to smoke weed. One of the most popular methods for making a homemade pipe is to use an aluminum can.

If you want to learn how to make a homemade pipe, the soda can pipe provides the perfect pipe making 101 course. This method is popular because soda cans are something that every person has readily available. If there isn’t one in your house, there is one nearby. The can pipe is also popular because it can be quickly made and disposed of. In places where marijuana is still illegal, using a disposable pipe is actually a very good idea. All you will need for this smoking method is an empty aluminum can and something sharp to poke holes like a pen, needle, or pocketknife. The can should be thoroughly cleaned out of any residue and allowed to dry completely. Some people like to leave the soda residue in the can, claiming that it adds to the flavor. But these Orange Crush hits can sometimes be quite harsh.

Once the can is clean you are ready to form the pipe. The bowl area of the pipe is going to be made from the center of the can. You need to press and mold a bowl shape into the center of the can using your thumbs. The top and bottom of the can will remain round but the center will be squished almost all the way in. You just need to leave enough room for punching the holes and airflow. It’s not the easiest thing to work worth so it will take some time and patience to get the bowl right. The pipe will work by lighting the weed in the bowl and sucking the smoke through the open drink hole.

You next need to puncture some holes for the smoke to enter the can through. It is best to use something with a fine point, or you will lose some of the weed into the can. But anything with a sharp point will do. You just puncture 5 to 6 holes in the bottom of the bowl, evenly separated enough so that weed does not fall through. Then you add a small amount of marijuana to the bowl and this pipe is ready to be smoked. Holding the can from the bottom you light the weed and suck the smoke through the drink hole on the can. This isn’t the most luxurious method for smoking marijuana by any means. But if you know how to smoke weed from an aluminum can you will always have a pipe when you need it.

Smartest Pot Smokers in History

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One of the oldest stereotypes about marijuana is that it makes you slow and stupid. But the evidence on this issue actually reflects the very opposite. Some of the smartest pot smokers in the world also just happen to be the most successful. These intellectual potheads can be found in the fields of business, art, politics, writing, and music. Their success and domination in these fields stand as an example of the positive effects cannabis can have on the mind. On the other hand there is very little evidence to back up the negative stereotype.

It may not be a coincidence that some the smartest pot smokers are also some of the richest and most powerful. Currently the most powerful person in the United States is an admitted pothead. President Barack Obama has often candidly admitted to using marijuana in his youth. When posed the question in a 2007 interview he stated, “When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. I thought that was the point.” If there is any question to the future potential of a pothead, we know the current bar is set at president of the most powerful country in the world. But President Obama is just the most recent irie president. The first was our country’s founder George Washington. There’s no way to know how often he rolled up a fatty and got baked with Martha, but we do know he was a cannabis farmer. Marijuana played a significant role in both of these historical presidents lives.

Smart weed smokers have also seen great success in the field of business. One of the world’s wealthiest potheads is Sir Richard Branson. This self made billionaire started the Virgin Empire that is involved in everything from transportation, to entertainment, to communication. Branson has admitted to using marijuana on a regular basis, including smoking with his adult children. He has petitioned for the legalization of marijuana in his home country and has stated on numerous occasions that he would sell the drug if it was legal. Regular sustained use of the marijuana plant has clearly had no effect on the intellectual potential of this smart businessman.

Another famous pothead billionaire is the eccentric Ted Turner. This media mogul has said that he regularly smokes pot and used to grow the plant in his college dorm room. He single handily invented the 24 hour news cycle with CNN, something you would have to be high to come up with. This marijuana smoker owns the most private land in the United States and there’s got to be more than a few hidden weed farms on this wilderness land. He helped to found the Kentucky Hemp Museum with fellow famed stoner Woody Harrelson. Cannabis use has had no effect on Ted Tuner’s intellect or his ability to accomplish lofty goals.

Some of the smartest pot smokers can be found in the fields of politics, business, and art. Their success and influence prove that marijuana use has no negative effect on a person’s intellect. If anything the evidence suggests that cannabis use can have a positive effect on human intelligence.

What is Vaping?

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Vaporizing or Vaping is a technique used to administer marijuana, without the harmful smoke, by heating your marijuana to a temperature where the psychoactive ingredients are evaporated and turned into “vapors” you inhale. These vapors don’t contain smoke, nor the harmful particles that come along with inhaling smoke, making it a safe way to administer your medical marijuana without the respritory concerns associated with smoking it.

When marijuana is burned, we are actually inhaling the smoke to get “high” (or medicated) because that smoke contains the heated, psycoactive compounds that we want. THC, CBD, CBN, these cannabinoids are released and become active with heat. The temperature to activate those compounds (and other cannabinoids in medical marijuana) is actually lower than the temperature required to combust the marijuana, making smoking marijuana completely unneccisary.

Since a vaporizer heats the marijuana to just below combustion, you can receive all of the medical benifits that are unlocked by heating it, without actually burning the marijuana and releasing unhealthy carcinogens you don’t want.

Smoking marijuana has been proven to be much safer than cigarettes, but smoking of any kind is still going to have a negative effect on your lungs. Just try running around the block after a fat bong rip. The solution to this problem is the marijuana vaporizer. A vaporizer works by gently heating up the weed rather than burning it. When marijuana is burned there is a lot of waste and toxins that come from burning the buds. A vaporizer heats it just enough to release the thc in the form of a completely safe vapor. There are dozens of different styles and variations of the weed vaporizer that range in price from cheap to very expensive.

volcano vaporizer

The best vaporizer on the market for dry herb is the Volcano. This is the latest in vaporizer technology and it provides the biggest hits for your money. The volcano uses convectional heating to warm the marijuana to the perfect temperature. This means that hot air is passed over the herb to heat it rather than a direct heating element. The traditional vaporizer that has been used since the 1970’s used a metal plate to heat the marijuana. This direct heating can create the same problems associated with burning the marijuana with a flame. The volcano uses air to release all of the active chemicals in the weed and leave the waste behind. A digital readout on the front of the device indicates the exact temperature, so you can get perfect vapor every time. Another great feature of the Volcano is that it uses a stored vapor delivery method. A large bag is used to collect and store the vapor until you are ready to smoke it. Then you just detach the bag and take whatever size hit you desire. Depending on the bowl size you can easily get 15 to 20 hits off of a single bag. The only downside to this marijuana vaporizer is the price. The Volcano can retail for as much as $800 dollars. But for one of the purest and most powerful ways to smoke weed it is worth every penny. Purchase a Volcano vaporizer.

vape box 2017

In recent years companies have also started making CBD ejuice for vaporizers commonly used in the ecigarette market. There are two different types of vapes you should be aware of. There is a vape pen which is shaped like a pen and mimics smoking a cigarette or join most closely. The next type is called a mod box, this is a box shaped device which usually has a lot more settings than a standard vape pen. These devices allow you to select the wattage, temperature and coil resistance so you can get a very precise vape. If you are interested in purchasing a box mod, we recommend checking out this guide on the best vape box in 2017 to choose one that is within your price range. The reason we suggest using a mod that has temperature control is that if you get a dry herb tank you can heat the herb to your desired temperature and avoid burning the weed. The best thing about using a mod box as a vaporizer is that if you are also a cigarette smoker you can get tobacco ejuice (which is the liquid that goes in the vape tank) or any other flavor and get your nicotine hit too. If you are looking for high quality ejuice we recommend check out Vape Wild, you can usually find a vape wild coupon that can get you 10% off or some free bottles of ejuice. We are big fans of their flavor called smurf cake which is like a flavor party in your mouth.

On the other end of the price spectrum is another amazing example of weed technology, the firefly portable vaporizer. The firefly Portable Vaporizer is the James Bond of vaporizers. It heats your weed via convection ensuring that you get only the thc from the weed without worrying about destroying the cannabinoids. This mod is expensive and generally out of most peoples price point, but if you are willing to spend $300 on a vaporizer then you can’t go wrong. It’s true that you get what you pay for and the firefly is really top of the line!

Marijuana Pipes – Everything you Need to Know

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marijuana pipe

Marijuana pipes come in an endless variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Smoking from a pipe is one of the quickest and most direct forms of smoking marijuana. Which type of pipe you choose to smoke basically just comes down to personal preference. Popular types of pipes include bubblers, steam rollers, water pipes, straight shooters, and many more. The best pipes tend to be made out of glass. It provides the cleanest high and the freshest tasting weed hits. Pipes can also be made out of ceramic, metal, wood, and corn cob. Pipe making has become an art form and there is truly something for every style and taste.

If you’re going to buy a new pipe you’ll want to first consider a glass piece. Although they are more fragile and expensive, glass provides the purest pipe hits. Glass blowing has reached impressive heights when it comes to the art of pipe making. You can find beautifully designed pieces in all of the popular pipe styles, including one hitters, bubblers, steam rollers, and more. These pipes come in every color of the rainbow and are filled with beautifully complex glass blown designs. Each pipe is a canvas for the glass artists and you get the honor of smoking weed off of it.


One of the most popular cannabis pipes by far is the bubbler. This is a relatively large glass pipe with a round chamber beneath the bowl for water. These pipes work like a bong and provide you with a large water purified hit. The Bubbler is one of the most pleasant ways to smoke weed ever invented. Each hit provides a smooth, water cooled hit that is large enough for the highest tolerance levels. The only downside with a bubbler is that they are easier to tip over and spill than a bong. Another great glass pipe is a steam roller. This weed pipe is basically just a glass tube with a bowl on the top. It works by placing one end of the tube on your mouth and covering the other end with your hand. As you take the hit you release the hand on the back of the pipe and it shotguns the smoke into your lungs. A steamroller is like a high speed bong hit without the water. It can be harsh sometimes but it is great for people who don’t like the way a bong affects the taste of weed.


Another popular pipe among stoners is a sneak-a-toke. This is a small cylindrical pipe made of glass or ceramic that provides one or two hits per bowl. It often comes with a carrying device known as a dugout. The dugout is a small square container with a concealed spot for weed and the pipe. When you’re ready to smoke you snap open the dugout to release the pipe. Then you just poke the pipe into the weed chamber to load the bowl. The sneak-a-toke is often painted to look like a cigarette so you’ll attract less attention when smoking in public. This weed pipe is a great choice for those who smoke in public and need to load and smoke a bowl discretely. There is a lot of different choices when it comes to choosing a pipe, and it should come down to your personal needs and preferences.

How to Roll a Joint

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roll a joint

One of the oldest ways to smoke weed is in a joint. A joint is a hand or machine rolled marijuana cigarette. Many people prefer this smoking method to any other because of the convenience, the taste, and the slow intoxicating burn. There is an endless variety of rolling papers made specifically for smoking weed. They are made of anything from paper to hemp and come in every flavor imaginable. This has revolutionized the art of rolling and smoking a joint. There are also many different styles of joint. Some of these include pinners, cones, blunts, tulips, and many more. The only downside to smoking a joint is that some weed is wasted while the joint is burning and not being smoked. But this can be easily prevented by hot boxing a car or small room. Smoking a joint is one of the oldest and most popular ways to use marijuana.

The only obstacle involved in this method of smoking is learning to properly roll a weed joint. There are many methods to successfully roll a joint including hand rolling, machine rolling, pre-rolled papers, and the popular dollar trick. All of these methods work well and share the goal of creating a perfectly rolled joint. The major benefits of using a joint are that there is no paraphernalia and you don’t have to relight the weed after every hit. If you have weed, a rolling paper, and fire you can get high. This is one of the smoothest ways to get high because it burns slowly rather than being repeatedly roasted with a lighter. With the right rolling paper you can fully enjoy the depth of flavor that comes from a good cannabis strain. Smoking a joint is the preferred method of use for those people who enjoy the smoking of weed just as much as the high.

The most important part of any joint is the rolling paper. One of the most popular brands of joint rolling paper is Zig Zag. This company makes rolling papers in a variety of different sizes, ranging from 70mm to blunt worthy King Size. Their rolling papers work great for rolling a joint and blend well with the marijuana flavors. Other people like to keep it natural with an all hemp rolling paper. Hemp rolling papers are made by weed and for weed. These all natural papers are not dyed or bleached to assure the most authentic and enjoyable smoking experience possible. A popular brand of hemp rolling papers is Pure Hemp. Their 100% hemp papers come in 5 different sizes and are made with the weed connoisseur in mind. Another popular paper brand for rolling a marijuana joint is the High Wire. This hemp paper has a thin wire embedded along the length of the paper. This wire assists in rolling and becomes a joint holder while smoking. As the joint burns down you have something to hold unto, allowing you to smoke the entire joint without a roach clip. Choosing a rolling paper really just comes down to personal taste. But the best marijuana joints use a rolling paper that works with the weeds natural flavor rather than distracting from it.