Cannabis Butter – Simple Cannabutter Recipe

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It’s been long said that if there is a health risk associated with marijuana it is the smoke, and not the actual marijuana that has the risk. With that said, more and more people are finding new ways to use marijuana without smoking it. This brings us the world of medibles, an edible version of marijuana that still gives the user the effects they want, and the health benefits without the smoke.

Here we go, a very simple effective cannabis butter recipe you can easily make at home to medicate through food.

When making cannabis butter, or cannabutter, we want to start with the best medical grade marijuana possible, as this will give us the best possible cannabutter to use for cooking. We want to end up with the most potent cannabutter we can possibly make, we can always dilute later with regular butter, but for now we want the best.

You want about an ounce of your favorite strain of medical marijuana for this recipe.
So, we need…

1 ounce Medical quality marijuana
1 pound butter (whatever your favorite brand is)
2 cups water
1 coffee grinder or handheld herb grinder

Now grind your medical marijuana up really well. You don’t need a powder, but you want it broke up far better than you would for smoking.

Begin by bringing 1 cup water, and 1 pound butter to a boil while you are grinding up your marijuana.

Add marijuana to boiling butter/water and reduce to a simmer. You should be fine on low to low-med depending on burner and pot size.

Let simmer, stirring often and adding water as needed. Allow to continue to simmer for at least 1-2 hours or until the water begins to evaporate readily.

Remove pot (pun intended) from burner, and strain the marijuana through a colander into a glass bowl large enough to hold all of the butter/water left.

You will be keeping the butter and water, and disposing of the marijuana you just strained. This marijuana is now no longer potent, but may still be eaten for taste/vitamin purposes.

Place the bowl containing the butter and water in the fridge and allow to cool.

You should now notice that you have a bunch of solidified butter on top of whatever amount of water did not cook away while we simmered our butter down.

Poke a hole in the top of the cannabutter, near the edge of the bowl and pour the water out. Be careful that the butter has completely cooled before draining water so that you don’t lose any.

You now can refrigerated or freeze your cannabutter for later use, or use now.

Simply make your favorite recipe and substitute butter for your cannabutter.
Some favorites are cookies, brownies, rice crispie treats ect. Basically anything that calls for butter in the recipe! You can also put cannabutter on toast, or on other foods that are good with butter.

You should experiment with different recipes, and amounts of marijuana as potency will vary from strain to strain. If you make the very best cannabutter you can, and you find it is a little too strong for your taste, then simply reduce the amount of cannabutter you use in your recipe.

Try using half real butter and half cannabutter if you would like to tone it down some, or try using more marijuana in the process if you find you would like it a bit stronger.

Just remember, all people are different, and you should experiment and find the right recipe for your particular tastes. Also, when using medibles, it is important to note that the effects are said by many to come on slower, yet stronger, and last longer than when smoking. If you have never eaten marijuana edibles before please use caution and start slow in order to find your comfort level without going overboard.

Now go bake something tasty, and happy medicating!

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