5 Marijuana Facts for Cannabis Users

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1. The average high or buzz from marijuana lasts between 1-3 hours in most people, when smoked.

The length of the marijuana high depends on many factors including the strain of cannabis used, strength, time grown, tolerance level of the individual user, as well as method and amount of marijuana used. In a very good strain of medical marijuana grown properly, you may see 4-6 hours of relief or “high” under ideal conditions from 4-5 puffs off an herbal vaporizer.

2. Methods of using marijuana

The main methods of using marijuana are smoking, vaporizing, and ingesting. (eating/drinking)

Of these methods, smoking seems to be the most popular. Vaporizing marijuana is gaining more popularity and gives the user more bang for their buck, allowing them to fully heat the marijuana to a point just before combustion and inhale the vapors instead of burning the marijuana and inhaling the smoke. This means all the active ingredients and medical compounds are released, but not burnt up or over heated. It also means since there is no combustion, there is no smoke, making it a much safer alternative to smoking marijuana, eliminating all of the health concerns the critics point out about the smoke itself.

Ingesting marijuana is another popular method. We’ve all hear of pot-brownies and marijuana cookies right?

Well with the medical marijuana boom among us, people are creating more and more yummy dishes all the time, and I have been filling my recipe book with goodies to use later on.

Recipes that have marijuana in them will often be called “edibles” or “medibles” in the medical marijuana community, and may include the traditionals like brownies, cookies and lemon squares, but may also come in the form of suckers, loli-pops, drinks, cakes, butter, cooking oils ect.

Basically with some good marijuana, and some creativity, someone who knows their way around a kitchen should have no trouble coming up with good ideas for yummy snack that help cure and give the munchies at the same time.

Just remember, when making marijuana edibles, the effects do tend to take longer to “kick in” with some users reporting up to an hour to start feeling the effects. Also, the buzz you feel from the edibles may be different than that of the smoke buzz. Many users describe a full body buzz instead of just a head buzz, so remember to use common sense when trying something you have never tried before.

For cannabis recipes you can use for making all kinds of great marijuana edibles, check out one of these books, they are my favorite cannabis cook books;

3. Marijuana can be detected in your system for a long time compared to many other “drugs” commonly tested for since the compound they are trying to detect binds to the users fat cells in their body. This means again there will be factors to consider, but on average; if an every day marijuana user completely quits using for 30 days, and drinks plenty of water, he or she should be clean for urine testing. I have heard of extreme cases of very heavy marijuana smokers testing dirty after as long as 60 days, but this should not be common.

4. Testing clean on a urine test for marijuana

The only sure way to not test positive for marijuana, is not to use it, but that’s no fun!

The next best method to make sure you don’t test positive for marijuana is – Synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine is just that, fake urine, with all the compounds that belong there, and none of the stuff that doesn’t.

Synthetic urine usually comes in a plastic bottle that is easy to conceal, and many times comes with a heater pad (like a hand-warmer) and a temperature strip so you can make sure it is at the correct temperature before pouring it in the test cup.

I can personally tell you that synthetic urine works 100% of the time, if used correctly. That means if you follow the directions, you will pass the test PERIOD. I once smoked a joint on the way to the clinic and walked in wreaking of marijuana when I took my test. The whole time I was just laughing and making jokes, all the time knowing I was higher than shit, but still about to pass the urine test. Sure enough, I got the call a few days later, I had passed the test and got the job.

5. The lethal dose of marijuana for a human has NEVER been reached by a human – EVER.
As in NEVER, EVER, EVER has anyone EVER died from a lethal dose, or overdose of marijuana – EVER in recorded history.

If it exists at all, it has been estimated that the lethal dose “would be” 1,500 pounds worth of smoked marijuana, in 1 setting.

Now to put that into prospective… 1 marijuana cigarette or “joint” weighs about a half a gram.

There are 28 grams in an ounce, and 16 ounces in 1 pound X’s 1500 pounds = 1,344,000 joins in 1 setting.
Thats One Million Three-hundred Forty Four Thousand joints, at once!

Not only impossible, but a total waste of weed since you would fall asleep well before you got through the first ounce, and before you argue – yes I have sat down with over an ounce more than once and set out to smoke it all by myself, each time I was fast asleep at about the half ounce mark.

I am open to testing again if you don’t take my word for it, as long as you supply the stash this time, and it better not be that Mexican poop weed the drug Smugglers are catapulting across our border.

Well there you have it, 5 facts about marijuana you might not have known.
We’ll have more for you soon!

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